Hospitality Management System is an official modern web based Hospitality and Property management (PMS) Suite which can effectively streamline every day functions in a standard five star hotel. This is a very good software package that completely help in managing and tracking simple and advance hotel activities ranging from managing of appointments,reservations,bars, point of sale, Inventory, accounting, to keeping track of all departmental schedules activities, and functions.

What is an Hospitality Management System?

A Hospitality Management System can be described as an electronic based system which simplifies and automates normal every day task of a hotel.

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Do I really need this software for my business ?

This software is very efficient for managing Hotels, Motels, Camp Houses, Guest Houses, Rooms, Restaurants and Bars. So if your business falls within these categories, then you do!

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Flexible payment plan for all of our customers

We want the best for you at your convinience that is why we have created a Flexible payment plan for all of our customers who wish to buy the software and pay twice.

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Security Systems

Hardware Requirement

Just like any other Computer aided Management softwares, our software relies on a certain level of hardware. This includes: Microsoft windows xp/Win 7/ win 8 computer sytem Apache Web server (Cloud based)/Intranet Server Mysql Database POP server Minimum of 2Gig Ram System Memory


Software Modules

Our Software comes along with great modules that will help you and your employees perform your job much more faster. Our modules covers all departments in a standard Hotel and Suites. Our software modules includes. Reservation Management Room Management Rate Management Price schedule Management Room Availability Monitoring Front Office Management (POS) Invoice and Receipt Management

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