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College portal has been streamlined to perform the following functions.

  • Manages the storage, generation and dissemination of students Continuous Assessments and Examination results.
  • Manages the storage and tracking of students Attendance and the generation of reports based on their attendance.
  • Manages the storage, and tracking of students School fees payments, clubs and info
  • Manages and tracks various reports on teaching and non-teaching attendance
  • Manages and tracks various reports on teaching and non-teaching staffs salary payment
  • Makes Examination results storage and retrieval easy and fast.
  • Teachers can login and input students test and examinations results at any time for the sake of accessibility
  • Students can check/Printout examination result any time.
  • Parents can view and print their wards report cards online from the portal and lots more
  • Perform all functions of Computer Based Teaching, Learning, and testing
  • Full fledge modern website with a complete webmail i.e inquiry@royalcrowncollege.com.ng

Project Executive Summary

Over the years Secondary Schools in African continent have faced several challenges of keeping academic records of students, teaching and non-teaching staffs. Likewise sourcing for past records have proven to be a difficult task.Schools and colleges are known to use the primitive methods of document keeping,storage and tracking. These methods have proven in effective in several ways, especially when it comes to handling large amount of records.

In this modern era, electronic methods which are well known to be very effective and continent, are vastly replacing the primitive methods.

Our platform, which is of course electronic based software has been making life easy for various institution, colleges and Universities in Nigeria and its neighboring countries. It is very effective in managing students and staffs reports with respect to income and expenditures such as school fees and salary disbursement.

More so, the use of Computer Based Testing and Electronic Learning (CBT and E-Learning) in secondary schools and colleges is rapidly increasing, since most examination bodies deem it very imperative. Secondary schools without a CBT facility are regarded as non-progressive. According to research 89.5% students from such schools fails Computer Based Exams from well-known bodies such as the Joint Admission and Matriculation Body (JAMB).Our platform offers a complete suite of Compute Based Teaching Learning and Testing. Its accessibility and friendly user interface makes it universally endorsed.


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